How to spread the gospel of Sage CRM

Lemme hear a "Sage CRM"

It’s been an overly long hiatus since I last blogged about my life’s mission: spreading the Sage CRM gospel to anyone and everyone that will give me their time (in five minute increments).

For those of you that care, I haven’t been idle during this hiatus.

I am always challenging myself and my team to look for new ways to help other Sage partners understand Sage CRM better and to help them get it in front of their prospects and customers.

I’ve used my time away from the blog to conduct some in-depth conversations with partners about the best ways to make this happen.

The culmination of this effort is going to materialize this month and I hope it’s something that will be of huge benefit to you.

We are launching a series of monthly events (for lack of a better word just yet) focusing on different CRM related topics. Each event will consist of a webinar, a white paper and some blog articles about the monthly topic.

These events are not going to be hard sell documents about Sage CRM. We are focusing on the brass tacks about CRM and the benefits of a successful implementation for the average small business and some of the risks associated with ignoring CRM and why it has grown in importance.

Why should you care about all this?

Well – the goal is to conduct these events in conjunction with you – in a co-branded exercise to drive awareness and to uncover opportunities within your current client and prospect base.

Our objective is to provide all interested partners with an easy-to-implement, co-branded series of CRM focused marketing events to participate in.

We will do this by creating a specialized landing page for participating partners with their logo, contact information and other particulars. All of the documents related to the event will also be co-branded with partner information.

We will be making it easy for partners to do as much or as little work as they want.

If you would like to be responsible for drumming up attendees and getting the message out, we will provide email templates to use and a summary of the core message being delivered. If you would like to off-load the responsibilities, we will take care of the work for you.

It’s your choice.

Regarding the actual events, while our hope is that partners will want to participate each month, if you want to participate in some months and not others, again … it’s your choice.

You tell us which events appeal to you and which don’t. It’s that simple.

We are starting small in February and have limited sign ups to three interested partners. We intend to expand that to five partners in March and seven in April. I would like to see it grow over time from there.

In the end, our goal is to create a marketing machine that will help you deliver the message of Sage CRM consistently with no hassle.

I welcome any feedback and suggestions to help improve this plan.


  1. Glen Mund says:

    Hi Peter,
    I think Plus Computer Solutions would be interested. Let me know the details.

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