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How sweet does your pipeline look?

[Note: We are continiung our walkthrough of how to introduce Sage CRM to MAS and Accpac clients.]

As we discussed previously, at it’s heart CRM is all about improving visibility and control across an organization to allow for better finding, getting and keeping customers. I refer to this as the holy trinity of CRM functionality.

Let’s focus briefly on the “finding customers” piece of it. After all, it all starts here (check here for more on “getting customers” and here for more on “keeping customers”).

Well-known business management pioneer and guru Peter Drucker posited that if marketing was good enough there would be no need for sales. Now that’s a powerful thought, isn’t it?

I firmly believe that it’s true. If it’s possible for such a thing, I think it’s even more true now than when he originated the thought.

In today’s world, there are a lot of options and choices available for individuals. And the information is all out there and available with a click of a mouse or via a single Facebook post requesting information from your social network. People are drowning in choices and unless you are great at marketing, your ideal prospects will pass on by without giving your organization and products a second glance.

Sage CRM helps you manage this in several ways.

First off, you can link your website to your Sage CRM database with a mere 30 minutes of effort. This allows you to put a contact form on your website (or replace your existing one) and have the data entered automatically flow into your Sage CRM system to be processed by your marketing or sales team.

Sage CRM also provides a great way to categorize and sub-categorize lists of customers, prospects, suspects, leads,whatever you want into manageable groups that can be marketed to in various capacities. You can use these groups with one off email blasts,scheduled telemarketing, snail mail merges, etc.

Or you can combine a group (or groups) with a full-blown marketing campaign.

Essentially, a Sage CRM campaign is used to coordinate several activities around a single marketing push to, as example, drive awareness for a new product launch. You might start off doing an email blast to previous customers, follow that up with direct phone calls to make sure they got the information, then follow that up with a webinar about the new product benefits, etc.

If you use the marketing campaign feature, you can track interest and even eventual sales back to the marketing activties which gives you the power to measure what works and what doesn’t from a real-world, money on the table perspective.

With this functionality at your fingertips, you can use Sage CRM to perform A-B messaging – where you split your groups in half and send one message to one group and a different message to the other group. This allows you to refine your messages and see what works … and what doesn’t. This is hugely powerful – even for a small business (maybe especially for a small business?).

And … when you are ready to step up your marketing, you can integrate your Sage CRM system with Swift Page using the eMarketing functionality which gives you even more precise analytics concerning your email messages. What’s working, who’s clicking on which links, who’s opening the messages, etc.

All in all, this is powerful stuff. Sage CRM delivers the goods when it comes to marketing.


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